Saturday, October 30, 2010

Slapping Your Enemy... another reason to carry a large bag!

[sidebar]~ this video makes me wish that I would've kept up my language skills.


and we thought that bullying was 'child's play...'  NOT! 

I don't know what ol' girl in the red did that warrants the purse pummelling that she's taking....  And. Doesn't it  make you wonder why the guys [faux videographers] filming didn't intervene? any language, this couln't be any more entertaining...

Friday, October 29, 2010

Oh!......... Hell to the No!

Does this hairdo make you ask, "When in the friggity is she going to get that nest handled?"

T.V. Shows. 

All timestamps of eras gone by.  And all held near and dear to our heart's memory. 

Fashion is said to repeat itself every twenty years.  Each repetition of fashion gone by, successfully convincing aging generations that there is nothing new under the sun, but changes in the perception of what already exists.

With the passing of time, decor [good or bad] manages to elevate itself to the level of  'antique'-dom to be later bought and sold for astronomical amounts.

 Music takes us back to a place that was more simpler.  Easier.  Carefree.  It evokes feelings, thoughts and experiences that we would be willing to immediately cash in for just 'one more' opportunity to 'go back there' again....ahhhhh! Nothing like 'old school'. 

Slang is the linguistic glue that melds generations.  It was/is epoxy that, despite the differences [obvious and not so obvious], allows members of a generation to connect- without judgment.

Spending tireless hours memorized  by a device, "affectionately" referred to as 'the idiot box', television holds generation-after-generation hostage with programming that mirrors that generations state of affairs.  [reflecting and daring to give voice to the political and social climate of that generation.

         *side eye*


All of these without a doubt are markers that shape and define a generation, however, NOTHING defines a generation like a HAIRSTYLE!

That's right.  A HAIRSTYLE!

Come on!  You know someone that looks like these dudes!  We all do!  We'd walk across burning embers, barefooted with a thousand pound gorilla on our shoulders before we'd don this mane gone manic!

Check out the montage of pic above.  Okay, grant you. The argument can be made that these are bad hair moments masquerading as fashion, but nonetheless, signs of  'the generational' time.
Whatever the argument  we've all stared in wonderment and mouthed the question "Where the eff do they work". and. "Who the eff would hire them!?"

Now.  That takes us to these!

If you look really, really, or not so really close, I'm sure that you- like me- know a person, or two, who proudly sported a version of one of these cuts.  Prompting the "WTF"!? question.

And then there is the "pet as substitute jewelry that keeps my mind off the fact that I can't be real enough to get/keep a mate so I'll be just as cute as my pup because that may make me more tolerable'  hairdo. 

This mane oozes "How the eff can I get that look?"

and then there is THIS

All I have to offer about this is

"WHY the Eff.....?

Can you say "bour-ghetto?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

...lay your weary head to rest...


Boy is he going to be pissed when he wakes up!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Jamming on Fallon


Monday, October 25, 2010

Disappearing Act


Okay.  So I'm going to need to know what this dude has to do that's more important than sticking around to collect his bennies?

Bathroom break, Maybe?

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Coolio!...Is that You!?........What the ....?

[very short post.  More like a 'Huh?'  moment.  Hope that thats okay]

Looks like the years haven't been too kind to Coolio...

Friday, October 22, 2010

How The Eff? .... do They do That!

[Short post today...]

Now, I like to consider myself as well-groomed as the next least, passably {my word}.  I don't give much thought to the man/woman that spends two hours every week some time at the nail salon getting themselves all 'did up'.  I guess your hands and toes should be baby smooth with nails that are clean and symmetrically shaped.  Polish optional. 

 [nails via]

         *side eye*

What the eff is going on with these eight foot long, overly acrylicized [my word, again], overly painted, overly ornamentized {my word. yes...again} daggers masquerading as talons being sported by those who equate high fashion with the length of their 'nails-as-weapon' talons? 

                    ~  How do they manage to cook a meal?  They all, most certainly don't pay a chef.   
                    ~  How does the dishes get washed? Or at least rinsed before being put into the dishwasher? 
                    ~ The laundry? -don't tell me - laundry service.  Right. 
                     How about...okay.  So you get it?

......and that's just the simple shiggity! 

[drumroll puhleeeeeeaaaazzzzeee]    Here's the fluhking ten million dollar question!? 
Feel free to throw in any extra cash that you might have lying around.
[I'm going to need another...drumroll puhleeeeeaaaaazzzeee]  .....

What the eff do you do when you have to take a bathroom break !? 

Post-It Note Friday!

Okay. So I'm going to '86' this whole idea of sleeping in today!


My overly anal, OCD neighbor has decided to butcher is lawn...for the second time this week!

What the hell!

Why do we humans invest soooo much money, time and sweat equity in growing something that we, later, proudly chop down to an inch of its life!?

This Post-It Note moment is for my neighbor(s) who loathe chlorophyll!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A letter to the Idiot... with the Flames Billowing out of His...


Dear Mr. Irate

     I am not sure why you feel the need to ride my bumper.  Angrily cursing and graphically jesturing in your feeble attempts to either, make me change lanes or increase the speed that's already on the fringe of being unlawful.   For the last three miles your beaten up blue flatbed truck, in major need of a paint job & major body work, has been riding me so tightly that I can see the fury and fire spewing from your eyes.  Your rude and inappropriate hand signs, provoked only by my lack obliging you your way, are meant to be threatening and harassing.  NOT!  Your constant reckless ebb and flow, unsolicited facial tauting and obvious rage succeeds, not, in making you appear to be someone who has some place important to be [yesterday] and me as the nondriving a**hole who is in your way.

Instead, you look like an out of controlled lunatic completely incapable of caring about your dangerously immature behavior.

         *side eye*

Back off you moronic imbecile!  You're not nearly the threat that you think you are....sitting in the comfort(?) of your beaten up truck!  Your tauts are, at best, immature.  And at best, unimpressive.  Pull over and get out of that heap of junk that you call a vehicle and let's handle this differently from you riding my f*cking bumper like an unwant license plate!  I don't think that you really want that....  As a matter of fact, I know that this is all a cowardice act of bravado meant to intimidate.  NOT!  This time,you've picked the wrong motorist!  What I have to say to you is this...I'll drive my car this bee-yotch my way! and when you pay the note on this 'mother'...I'll drive it any way that you want me to....

Until then, get off my a** and drive that piece of sh*t that you pay the note on....

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

She's Just Not That Into Him...


In a seeming bizarre twist to the nearly twenty year old newsworthy event where Anita Hill accused Clarence Thomas, of sexual harassment [sparking a national debate about sexual harassment in the workplace] during his tense confirmation hearings, the wife of Justice Thomas - Virginia Lamp Thomas - is seeking an apology from Ms Hill. 

Okay, here's the background 411...

In 1991, then University of Oklahoma law professor Anita Hill - a one time aide to Thomas - accused Thomas of using inappropriate and sexually charged language with her and made advances that were unwelcomed.  Clarence Thomas denied the allegation calling them a "high tech lynching".  These allegations sparked the Senate Judiciary Committee to reopen confirmations for Thomas, who was nominated, by then President George Bush, as a judge on the Supreme Court.  Thomas was to fill the seat that was vacated by retired Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall. forward to today...

In the wee hours on Saturday, October 9th - around 7:30am, Virginia Thomas, placed a voicemail to the Brandeis University office of Ms Hill asking her to make amends for her 1991 allegation against her husband.  Initially suspecting the message to a hoax of some sort and offended by the insinuation of the request, Ms Hill eventually turned the information over to campus police, who notified the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  According to Ms Thomas, the intent of the request was not to offend Ms Hill but to offer her an olive branch, "... in hopes that we could ultimately get past what happened so long ago". 

I must admit that upon hearing of this unsolicited [by Ms Hill's account] invitation, I am somewhat perplexed as to the 'real' motive behind this 'olive branch'.  Why, after two books - the first authored by Ms Hill ( "Speaking Truth to Power" 1998) and the second an autobiography by Mr Thomas ( “My Grandfather’s Son" 2007) does Ms Thomas feel the need to engage Ms Hill in a white flag waving dialogue?

         *side eye*

No stranger to conservative politics, Virgina Thomas has been quite visible over the last year in the political arena.  As the CEO and president of Liberty Central, as group that admits to being linked to the Tea Party, Virginia Thomas has publicly opposed - what she has labeled - the 'tyranny' of the Obama administration and congressional Democrats.  Liberty Central is said to have initially raised in excess of $500,000 and possibly much more since then...all from secret donors. All of which is legal under the Supreme Court's 2010 decision eliminating many of the prior limits on campaign spending. The question that arises surrounding her recent political actions pertains to a potential conflict of interest for her husband - Justice Thomas. 

The conflict-of- interest statute applies mainly to financial conflicts.  Legal ethics experts say that a spouse's political opinions do not matter because the law governs a justice's behavior, not the spouses.  Additionally, the conflict-of-interest law also counsels judges to avoid the appearance of conflict.  The law does not ascribe the views of one's spouse to the justice that s/he is married to.

Here's the proverbial 'fly in the soup' issue.  Liberty Central has fallen under the microscope mostly due to the unusual circumstance of  Virginia Thomas, a spouse of a sitting Supreme Court justice, receiving a salary, from an organization that is receiving large donations from anonymous opportunistic donors.  The question that it begs is, does this give a financial benefit to Justice Thomas thus constituting a financial conflict?

Is this 'innocent?' olive branch offerring a smoke screen?  Is it a feeble attempt to garner attention for the anti-Obama political group that she founded?  Or was she reacting to the front page appearance of the New York Times that discussed her affiliation with the Tea Party, her increasingly visible political role and the problems that they may or may not pose for her husband?  And, with the anonymity of generous donor, how will we know if a conflict exists?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

...We Ain't Raising No B*tches!


Let me preface this post by saying....

This post is by no means meant to minimize, demean, appear unempathetic to and/or otherwise trivialize the importance of the issue of 'bullying'.  Suffice it to say, 'bullying' is not a new phenomena nor should it - under any circumstances be tolerated!  As old as time itself, it is safe to say that, every generation has had its share of cowardly, insecure punks who find immense pleasure in relentlessly terrorizing unsuspecting targets.  The undeserved teasing most always focuses on some insecurity that lives, hidden deeply in the  internal pysche of the bully's tormentee.  And the bully, like the predator that s/he is, circles ever so patiently - waiting for that time when their prey is most vulnerable {and that always manages to be when there's an audience. Without the audience, the bully's taunts are not so effective...and the bully knows that!}. 

Bullying, by no means, should be ignored, swept under the rug, brushed off as 'childhood play' - or especially in this day and age - minimized and/or trivialized.  It is not okay that children are afraid to go to school for fear of being antagonized and humiliated to the point of  wanting to end their lives.  This is an issue that should have [generations ago] been addressed, and, definitely, must have a more viable solution - other than death by the hands of the very persons being harrassed.

There are a lot of us who have had our share of  'mean' girls and a**hole boys unrelentingly harassing us for no damned reason!  Many of us have escaped their ire!

         *side eye*

Have we molly-cuddled a whole generation of youths to the point of them not being able to stave off the never-ending tauts of the neighborhood/school/digital bully?   Did we sire a generation of youths and young adults, who are petrified to the point of being unable to report the bitter harassment - even to their friends.  Whatever happen to getting "just plan ol' effing fed up" with being a victim and knocking the a**hole in the mouth!?  Now, I'm not an advocate of violence, but, come on now, how many cheeks can one scared person turn?   What happened to putting your head down and just plain old swinging until you hit something?  When did our youth get so paralyzed by the daily torment dished out by bullies, that they can will do not turn to some trusted someone to inform them of their hopeless situation?  And, have we become so disconnected  and indifferent to each other that we have failed to notice the signals of these frightened youngsters? 

Where did these youths learn that suicide is the solution to the dogged attacks of the unempathetic, menacing bully?  Why have we failed to teach them to handle these bullies like the b*tches that they are!?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Dude, Why are you....Just Effing Saying!


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If you're having a 'Imma need to do more than dop some wisdom in a damned comment box' moment... 

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