Friday, October 22, 2010

How The Eff? .... do They do That!

[Short post today...]

Now, I like to consider myself as well-groomed as the next least, passably {my word}.  I don't give much thought to the man/woman that spends two hours every week some time at the nail salon getting themselves all 'did up'.  I guess your hands and toes should be baby smooth with nails that are clean and symmetrically shaped.  Polish optional. 

 [nails via]

         *side eye*

What the eff is going on with these eight foot long, overly acrylicized [my word, again], overly painted, overly ornamentized {my word. yes...again} daggers masquerading as talons being sported by those who equate high fashion with the length of their 'nails-as-weapon' talons? 

                    ~  How do they manage to cook a meal?  They all, most certainly don't pay a chef.   
                    ~  How does the dishes get washed? Or at least rinsed before being put into the dishwasher? 
                    ~ The laundry? -don't tell me - laundry service.  Right. 
                     How about...okay.  So you get it?

......and that's just the simple shiggity! 

[drumroll puhleeeeeeaaaazzzzeee]    Here's the fluhking ten million dollar question!? 
Feel free to throw in any extra cash that you might have lying around.
[I'm going to need another...drumroll puhleeeeeaaaaazzzeee]  .....

What the eff do you do when you have to take a bathroom break !? 


Pink Stilettos said...

LMAO @ that toilet :) Funny stuff!

blahblahblahblahg said...

Pink Stilettos, you know, we've all [quietly] pondered this...hahahahah

Minnesota Mamaleh said...

oh lmao that was an excellent post that i *never* would have thought of! and the bathroom? hmm-- not going to put a whole lot of thought into that one, mmk? love it! well done, lady! :)

blahblahblahblahg said...

Minnesota Mamaleh,

...just one of those things that make you go 'hmmmmmm'....

Thanx for the blog luv

See you soon...

imjudgingu said...

The bathroom and bathing thing has always been a question that I have pondered. Is it really worth it? What kind of job can you have with that mess on your nails and that long? I am all for taking care of yourself and self expression but that is pushing it.

blahblahblahblahg said...


Pushing it. Exactly!

...let's not talk about the issue of eating [the food that they prepare]. The thought gags me!

Thanx for stopping in


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