Thursday, October 21, 2010

A letter to the Idiot... with the Flames Billowing out of His...


Dear Mr. Irate

     I am not sure why you feel the need to ride my bumper.  Angrily cursing and graphically jesturing in your feeble attempts to either, make me change lanes or increase the speed that's already on the fringe of being unlawful.   For the last three miles your beaten up blue flatbed truck, in major need of a paint job & major body work, has been riding me so tightly that I can see the fury and fire spewing from your eyes.  Your rude and inappropriate hand signs, provoked only by my lack obliging you your way, are meant to be threatening and harassing.  NOT!  Your constant reckless ebb and flow, unsolicited facial tauting and obvious rage succeeds, not, in making you appear to be someone who has some place important to be [yesterday] and me as the nondriving a**hole who is in your way.

Instead, you look like an out of controlled lunatic completely incapable of caring about your dangerously immature behavior.

         *side eye*

Back off you moronic imbecile!  You're not nearly the threat that you think you are....sitting in the comfort(?) of your beaten up truck!  Your tauts are, at best, immature.  And at best, unimpressive.  Pull over and get out of that heap of junk that you call a vehicle and let's handle this differently from you riding my f*cking bumper like an unwant license plate!  I don't think that you really want that....  As a matter of fact, I know that this is all a cowardice act of bravado meant to intimidate.  NOT!  This time,you've picked the wrong motorist!  What I have to say to you is this...I'll drive my car this bee-yotch my way! and when you pay the note on this 'mother'...I'll drive it any way that you want me to....

Until then, get off my a** and drive that piece of sh*t that you pay the note on....


Minnesota Mamaleh said...

oh, too fuunY! what is it about the road that makes us just plain...vile? even *is* ahem have been known to have to explain to my kids, "yep that *is* what mommy said in the car!" fun post! i hope today's drives are eventless! :)

Anonymous said...

Funny but true, can someone tell me when did being rude become fasionable . People need to slow down and smell the roses.

blahblahblahblahg said...

Minnesota Mammaleh,

the last few days of driving have been very quiet...perhaps the quiet before the storm? [they can't fool me...I'll still keep my fire extinquisher handy :-)

Thanx for stopping by.

Luv Your Space in the blogosphere. [I'm a subscriber & follower]. See you soon

blahblahblahblahg said...


I have a theory that the increase display of rudeness is in direct correlation with this overly ambitious concern with being 'politically correct'...but that's another post [stayed tune].

Thanx for stopping by. See you soon


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