Thursday, July 19, 2012

"Popping Up and Taking Over the Place..."



This!  DRAG-SH!GG!TY  Ended My Untentional Sabbatical !

 Rupaul move the hell over! 

These beeyotches are FIE-E-E-RCE!!!

The Double Dutchess, two booty short wearing transplanted San Franciscan transvestites,  are shaking things up with their 'queer anthem' - "Bucket Betch"! 

.... what? Hip Hop!?...hellll naw!!     ......You better say campy electro-hop!

This finger-snapping, catchy sh!gg!ty is what happens when East meets West...

In 'Frisco on August 10th? .... see MORE of these BEEYOTCHES


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