Saturday, November 6, 2010

Okay! We Must Stop the Texting!

I love the convenience of the use of modern day technology.  More specifically, this great laptop of mine.  I am grateful that its programs allow me to write, edit and spellcheck all in one swell swoop!  Wooo hooo!  I have found recently that, I've began to pine for the old fashioned method of 'touching' a friend and/or a loved one.  The old fashioned use of a well-inked pen on plain white paper.  The smell of it, the look of it-clean, elegant and personal.  It's difficult to compare the experience of setting aside time to express, in one's finest penmanship, one's thoughts and quests on paper.  And like the caption to this Australian advertisement says ' If you wan to touch someone, write them a letter', I am more motivated to share my experiences via handwritten letter.

.... {Oh!  Excuse me... I digressed... }... I must break away from this moment of 'smart-phone'  is buzzing, informing me of an incoming text message or two. 

My momentary dream of constructing the perfect letter is first interrupted and then destroyed.  The interruption is only a minor deterrent.  It is the spelling in the message that leads me to a state of total frustration and complete annoyance. Put off by this untimely disruption , I half-heartedly attempt to decipher this new language that has become socially accepted, only to abandon it in complete disgust.  My mind ponders...when did it become acceptable for well-educated, learned individuals to communicate in a language that makes one appear to be a utter and total dunce?

         *side eye*

My greatest fears - okay, one of my greatest fears-  has come to fruition!  'Texting' has hatched a world of spelling illiterates!  We have become a society of individuals who have allowed the communication that we have with each other be dictated by one hundred and forty characters.  The cost of communication, via written message, has reduced us to utilizing clever phonetics and cutesy symbols. With the uncontested blindness of a mannequin-like Stepford-wife, 'texting' has lead to the corruption of our language and to the degradation of spelling! 

And if you think that this scourge is limited to today's youth....well...

This bludgeoning was televised on a renown national sports station!!!

Looks like the airport execs need to be concerned about more than security issues!

This goes beyond pathetic...this letter challenged imbecile flunked out of spelling class

Could this modern scourge be likened to the change brought about by the 14th century author, Geoffrey Chaucer, who wrong in vernacular English language?  Is this pillaging of punctuation and spelling and the raping of vocabulary a continued assault of technology's war on formal written language? [via]


imjudgingu said...

WTF! I am looking at the signs and I am horrified. In a country where English is the predominately used language this is totally unacceptable. Use a freaking dictionary. Have spell check on for all communications. F that - just get educated.

If you are "writing" this type of garbage what the hell are you teaching your children. You can't check their homework if you can't check yourself.

There are just too many people out there effing up our spoken language as it is. Now the written language is being handed it'd death sentence.

What is the world coming to? And best believe - imjudgingu.

blahblahblahblahg said...

imjudgingu ,

No truer words have been spoken!

We better check ourselves, before we wreck ourselves!!!

Thanx for the 'Follow'


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