Monday, April 4, 2016

{C}onversation... In Two Minutes: #AtoZChallenge 2016

Overheard this interchange between two twenty-something year old men, on my routine train commute the other day:

Twenty-something Man #1: {bopping his head rhythmically to sounds that only he can enjoy, coming from his 'Beats' headphones} Standing over seated commuters, backpack casually slug over his shoulder.  His grip on the cold steel bar helps him to steady himself against the rocking movement of the train. He's absorbed in the private world of his music.

* Train slows and eventually come to a screeching stop.  Doors open.  Passengers move, purposefully, in and out of the stationary train,  as if in a well-rehearsed dance.  Enter - Twenty-something Man #2.  Doors closed.  Train lurches forward before quickly easing into a smoother ride. *

Twenty-something Man #2: Trying desperately to get his footing, finally settling in next to Twenty-something #1.  

Eyes of the two Twenty-somethings meet..... Recognition! .... Quick smile.  The required well choreographed  'Manshake'

 Then the following conversation ensues:

Twenty-something Man #1 {removing headphones}: Whazzup yo!? 
Twenty-something Man #2: Nuttin' much my nigga! 
Twenty-something Man #1: How's your peoples, man?
Twenty-something Man #2: They good. Yours?
Twenty-something Man #1: All good, Yo!  On my way to this class man.  Gotta get this knowledge, Yo.  Last semester man. Then I'm out!
Twenty-something Man #2: Yea. *another much shorter round of 'pounds'*  That's Whazzup!  I finished them shits last year, Yo.  Just gettin' off man. Going up the way.
Yo, this stop is mine.  I'm out!

*another animated round of 'pounds'*

* Train slows and eventually come to a screeching stop.  Doors open.  Passengers move, purposefully, in and out of the stationary train,  as if in a well-rehearsed dance. 

 ExitTwenty-something Man #2.  
Train doors closed.  Train lurches forward before quickly easing into a smoother ride.

*Twenty-something Man #1: {returning his headphones to their former place of rest} Bops his head rhythmically to the sounds of his private world.

{C}onversation .....

Saturday, April 2, 2016

{B}adass Kids Wildin' Out!: #AtoZChallenge 2016

So here's the ish in a nutshell....
 * The incident occurred on the Septa El - a Philadelphia commuter train
 * Four youths (ages 6-7 years old) caught on camera verbally & physically harassing        at least one passenger.

 How so? -you ask....
 How about:
    * punching, spitting, using colorful references for male genitalia, dropping the.   F-Bomb, serving up, both, the B-word AND the N-word

All while being *supervised?* by this women - the aunt of two of these rowdy imps - who did NOTHING. NADA.  to stop their attacks!  At one point,  a passenger addressed the Aunt inquiring as to when she was going to intervene!  Maybe she was using this disciplinary approach to the problem [see third intervention] *side eye*

All of the shenanigans were caught on tape and posted to the Facebook page of one of the victims.  Take a look.... you're not going to believe this buffoonery! 

One kid even tampered with the Emergency Equipment! WTF!

.... Auntie still did not a damned thing!
Here's a damned clue Auntie!....
Imma need you to  GET TURNED UP BEE-YOTCH!!!!

Don't believe your lying eyes or deceiving ears? 
Here it is again!  YEP!. again!

Now I know that in today's world there's a fine line very fine line  that defines discipline and abuse.  All I know is,  had I been stupid enough to try this shigg!tty when I was a seven year old,  hell!!!  Not only would I have taken an arse 'whopping' by the adults on the train - Yassssssss! - that would include the aunt.  Once I got home! Sh!t.... it's a effin' wrap!!!!!!

 So... What say you to all of this buffoonery?
*All video & pics pertaining to incident are courtesy of here*

Friday, April 1, 2016

[A]in't THIS Some Real ....... !: #AtoZChallenge 2016


Had some time to catch up on some reading.  Found THIS STORY  from the
 The Gawker
..... YASSS!!!! it IS  Breaking News!!!!

The story goes something like this
..... Sometime last week in Loudin County Virginia, the CIA was performing a routine "joint training exercise" for their bomb sniffing canines.  The exercise not only included these highly specialized dogs but included explosive material and a school bus.  It appears that the CIA didn't do such a good job of cleaning up after themselves. You see,  it was discovered that the explosives had been 'Inadvertently  left' behind - in the engine compartment of the school bus!

The statement from the school district says that, the bus in question "made eight runs totaling 145 miles carrying 26 students attending Rock Ridge High School, Buffalo Trail Elementary School and Pinebrook Elementary School.” 


Now,  you know like I do,  that not everyone is going to be convinced that this was an awful oversight! However,  the sheriff's department reassured the parents that the children were not in any real danger because the explosives were 'highly' stable.
A crock of bullsh*t! ... OR  'Sometimes dumba$$ery happens to good people'?
What say you? 

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Monday, March 21, 2016

Blogging From A to Z Challenge: THEME REVEAL

Hey Good People,

It seems that, for a short while anyway, I was at least blogging on New Year Day.   Hasn't been the case over the last few years.  By all accounts it looks like I just gave up on this sh!gg!ty!!!  Can't deny that I've been down right trifling with keeping up appearances in this space in my blogosphere  *despite the many promises and good intentions*! 

But, because I'm one super stubborn bee-yotch, I'm going to try my hand at maintaining some consistency with my posts  *Side-eye !!! BIG TIME!!!*

What's got into my crawl this time to move me to come from out of hiding get my head out of my arse and get some of  this bullsh!gg!ty off of my *proverbial* chest?  I could blame it on the pathetic state of politic affairs of, both, the Democratic and Republican parties... but that's fodder for an ass-hole full of posts.  I'll be getting to that tomfoolery soon enough!!!

Arguably, a good blog challenge can be just the tease that eases one back into the throws of blogging.  That is exactly the case here!

 I stumbled on this April blog posting challenge

and decided '.... WTF! This is great way to get my arse in gear, and start ranting again!
Need to know more about how this challenge came about & what the hell the rules are here?  You'll find that good sh!t  right here. 

The challenge starts April 1st but, for those of us who need a little more of an incentive to *maintain some damned consistency!*  the challenge has an additional component ....

 *Click on the picture below to find out what the hell what that means!* 
A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal 3-21-2016

Right now,  the question that begs to be answered is,
'What is my  Effin' Theme for this challenge?'
*Effin' Drum Roll.... Puh-leeez!!*
 Dude I'm Just Effing Saying's Theme for the
A to Z Challenge is .....
* '... This is What's Chapping My Arse Today!... 
... An Alphabetical Trek of W.T.F. Moments ' *
Like I said, all the madness is scheduled to start on April 1st.

.... Now That Being Said....
 I'll be shooting the sh!t with you Good People soon....!


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