Thursday, November 11, 2010

We pause for a moment for this programming message....

Facts about Cocaine

Not interested in reading the facts?  Maybe it'll be easier if we make it a game...

[ Emcee voice over]  Good evening all. And welcomed to this modern day version of....

Cocaine Jeopardy:: *feel free to play along* !

Crackhead: i'll take 'cocaine can give a damn about age', for eight hundred, Alex.

Alex: *impromptu music begins to play*  that's a daily double!  fill in the blank and you'll win sixteen hundred dollars on this daily double.  and the answer is-  your [blank] year old is an established member of a distinguished group of 36.8 million americans who have tried cocaine at least once in their lifetime.

Crackhead: let me see.  i believe that would be right before they enter into that 'hormonal horror' stage right before eight grade.  and, oh yes, Alex, almost twenty percent of eighth graders say that is 'easy' or 'very easy' to cop cocaine. 

Alex: yes. that gets them nice and primed for being in that 3.3% of high school kids who are currently strung out there...  You still haven't given the question to this answer....

Crackhead:  ah yes.  the question to this answer, Alex, is - 'what is the tender, still wet-behind-the-ear age of 12yrs?'

Crackhead: i'll take, 'abuse facts for a thousand, Alex.
Alex: country with the highest incidence of cocaine abuse.
Crackhead:  with New Zealand, Columbia & Mexico just as 'high' on the list, my answer is-'what is the United States?'

...and now.  A Dragnet Moment *just the facts, ma'am*
  • everyday, twenty-five hundred Americans [of which 5% could be your 18-25 year old son/daughter] try cocaine for the firs time 
  • male users feel the effects of cocaine more rapidly and have more euphoric episodes than their addicted female counterparts.  That being said, they also experience more episodes of dysphoria 

And this lasting Programming Message ::

Cocaine.  Not just used as a medicinal anesthetic anymore!

[Emcee voice over]
....we now return you to your original programming....



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