Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hey Dallas! A Paypal account would have squared this away!

With the unemployment rate in double digits , this recession ain't feeling too good!  For those individuals who have been formally educated [and those less so] sharing space in the same unemployment line, there is no doubt that they are swapping stories related to the common economic ground that they now share.

I can imagine that the conversations include a litany of 'lack of money' management tips and inquiries that sound something like this - "How do you stretch your check over a month?", "What have you cut out of your usual routine to help to make ends meet?",  "Do you pay your bills in a monthly rotation?"...

Well. You get the message.

And for those still in the game, holding their breath wondering if/when the 'termination hammer' will come down, they, too, face the challenges of trying to get juuusssst a littttttle bit moooore from that same dollar.

 They are trying desperately to make the numbers add up [or at least, come close], all the while keeping up appearances.  Other these employed consumers are starting to spend slightly more, but they're not emotionally connecting with brands and companies the way they did before the recession.  There remains a hesitancy to add big ticket items to their pool of 'toys' for fear of having to 'garage sale' them if/when their employment status takes a nosedive.
With the current economic woes its easy to understand ,or at least empathize with the average 'mo' trying to make ends meet.  Maybe having to shave a little off of one invoice to supplement another, but always making certain that all debtors are sent 'something' toward the outstanding balance.

         *side eye*

 Tell my why after one of the most newsworthy 'firings' in NFL history, were the fans [and those of us who were trying to stay up on the latest football gossip] of the Dallas Cowboys not able to log into the official 'America's Team' site?!    Now, ex-head coach, Wade Phillips got is pink slip yesterday after a dismal three and a half year stint that amassed a 34-22 regular season record.  After receiving one of the worst gridiron shellacking in Cowboy franchise history on Sunday night [7 Nov 2010] to the Greenbay Packers-- 45-7 at Lambeau Field, the lost left the once 'prized team' with an embarrassing mid-season record of 1-7!  And Wade Phillips without a job!

Now you know with all of that mayhem and nonsense going on, thousands of Cowboys fans and even more of their 'haters' flocked hurriedly to the site to get more inside information. You know-the press conferences and press releases. And all of the side conversations that are making their rounds.

And to what did our wandering eyes did we find?

That's right! 
A damned Domain page!
A placeholder for a pending or existing web site!
In other words ~ No inside information!

How can this have happened? [asked in your in most irritated of voices]

The inside scoop is that "as the team was melting down Sunday, so was the Dallas Cowboy website..."
It seems that the team's marketing department just plum forgot to renew the domain registration [read: didn't pay the bill] and the site was 'parked' and replaced with a generic page [ read: the dallascowboys.com domain was available for purchase] . 
Now how damned embarrassing is that?!

How is it that the 'little folk' effected by the present economic grip can manage to keep the lights on in their 'domicile' and a multi-million dollar franchise can't seem to put it on their calendar to pay the bill on their domain?  Unlike most creditors who begin to harass you after they have not received their payment, the domain registration companies begin harassing before your payment is due!  And that is waaaayyyy before!
 Like two to three months before the expiration date!  These companies harass you not only by postal mail, but by electronic mail!!  Let's not mention the ability to have it automatically deducted from your account!  It's a set it-and-forget it process!

Go figure! 

It makes you wonder....'WHO' is running that rodeo goat show!? 


Pink Stilettos said...

I love the pics and the graphics...too funny!

blahblahblahblahg said...

Pink Stilettos ,

Can you believe that Cowboy franchise!

They could of signed up for the lay-away plan....duh


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