Friday, October 29, 2010

Oh!......... Hell to the No!

Does this hairdo make you ask, "When in the friggity is she going to get that nest handled?"

T.V. Shows. 

All timestamps of eras gone by.  And all held near and dear to our heart's memory. 

Fashion is said to repeat itself every twenty years.  Each repetition of fashion gone by, successfully convincing aging generations that there is nothing new under the sun, but changes in the perception of what already exists.

With the passing of time, decor [good or bad] manages to elevate itself to the level of  'antique'-dom to be later bought and sold for astronomical amounts.

 Music takes us back to a place that was more simpler.  Easier.  Carefree.  It evokes feelings, thoughts and experiences that we would be willing to immediately cash in for just 'one more' opportunity to 'go back there' again....ahhhhh! Nothing like 'old school'. 

Slang is the linguistic glue that melds generations.  It was/is epoxy that, despite the differences [obvious and not so obvious], allows members of a generation to connect- without judgment.

Spending tireless hours memorized  by a device, "affectionately" referred to as 'the idiot box', television holds generation-after-generation hostage with programming that mirrors that generations state of affairs.  [reflecting and daring to give voice to the political and social climate of that generation.

         *side eye*


All of these without a doubt are markers that shape and define a generation, however, NOTHING defines a generation like a HAIRSTYLE!

That's right.  A HAIRSTYLE!

Come on!  You know someone that looks like these dudes!  We all do!  We'd walk across burning embers, barefooted with a thousand pound gorilla on our shoulders before we'd don this mane gone manic!

Check out the montage of pic above.  Okay, grant you. The argument can be made that these are bad hair moments masquerading as fashion, but nonetheless, signs of  'the generational' time.
Whatever the argument  we've all stared in wonderment and mouthed the question "Where the eff do they work". and. "Who the eff would hire them!?"

Now.  That takes us to these!

If you look really, really, or not so really close, I'm sure that you- like me- know a person, or two, who proudly sported a version of one of these cuts.  Prompting the "WTF"!? question.

And then there is the "pet as substitute jewelry that keeps my mind off the fact that I can't be real enough to get/keep a mate so I'll be just as cute as my pup because that may make me more tolerable'  hairdo. 

This mane oozes "How the eff can I get that look?"

and then there is THIS

All I have to offer about this is

"WHY the Eff.....?

Can you say "bour-ghetto?



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