Tuesday, October 19, 2010

...We Ain't Raising No B*tches!

Let me preface this post by saying....

This post is by no means meant to minimize, demean, appear unempathetic to and/or otherwise trivialize the importance of the issue of 'bullying'.  Suffice it to say, 'bullying' is not a new phenomena nor should it - under any circumstances be tolerated!  As old as time itself, it is safe to say that, every generation has had its share of cowardly, insecure punks who find immense pleasure in relentlessly terrorizing unsuspecting targets.  The undeserved teasing most always focuses on some insecurity that lives, hidden deeply in the  internal pysche of the bully's tormentee.  And the bully, like the predator that s/he is, circles ever so patiently - waiting for that time when their prey is most vulnerable {and that always manages to be when there's an audience. Without the audience, the bully's taunts are not so effective...and the bully knows that!}. 

Bullying, by no means, should be ignored, swept under the rug, brushed off as 'childhood play' - or especially in this day and age - minimized and/or trivialized.  It is not okay that children are afraid to go to school for fear of being antagonized and humiliated to the point of  wanting to end their lives.  This is an issue that should have [generations ago] been addressed, and, definitely, must have a more viable solution - other than death by the hands of the very persons being harrassed.

There are a lot of us who have had our share of  'mean' girls and a**hole boys unrelentingly harassing us for no damned reason!  Many of us have escaped their ire!

         *side eye*

Have we molly-cuddled a whole generation of youths to the point of them not being able to stave off the never-ending tauts of the neighborhood/school/digital bully?   Did we sire a generation of youths and young adults, who are petrified to the point of being unable to report the bitter harassment - even to their friends.  Whatever happen to getting "just plan ol' effing fed up" with being a victim and knocking the a**hole in the mouth!?  Now, I'm not an advocate of violence, but, come on now, how many cheeks can one scared person turn?   What happened to putting your head down and just plain old swinging until you hit something?  When did our youth get so paralyzed by the daily torment dished out by bullies, that they can will do not turn to some trusted someone to inform them of their hopeless situation?  And, have we become so disconnected  and indifferent to each other that we have failed to notice the signals of these frightened youngsters? 

Where did these youths learn that suicide is the solution to the dogged attacks of the unempathetic, menacing bully?  Why have we failed to teach them to handle these bullies like the b*tches that they are!?


Anonymous said...

Now that's what I'm talking about! You raised some very valid points. I agree that bullying should not be tolerated at all. But why is it that these kids of today are literally being bullied to death? It has to be the lack of guidance and quite honestly lack of attention. As a parent or guardian how could you not notice the signs of such an extreme measure before it happens (especially from a person that sleeps under your own roof~how could there be such a disconnect?)...Ultimately we need to stop letting Facebook, MTV, all these crazy a** meaningless reality shows (amongst other things) raise our children. Find time for them (you had them!) From that time you spend with them there are a few goals that should be accomplished one of them should be bonding during this time you are building rapport with the people you brought here~and believe it or not they love it! Also when some bullies states they want to beat your son/daughter's a**...they'll come tell you b/c of the bond you've built~ and you can diffuse it I'm sure that you can come up with a better alternative than death! Get it together people! I'm just effing sayin!!! :)

***NOTE TO AUTHOR ~ Love the post can't wait to see what else you have in store...I'm just effing saying!

blahblahblahblahg said...


Thanx for dropping in and leaving your thoughts!

Lack of attention...definitely. It seems that we have allowed 'artificial babysitters' like the reality shows and the unsupervised use of some of the social media platforms, parent this generation of youths. The reality shows reinforce the egotistical, self-absorbed notion that nothing/no one is more important than what is going on in their lifes. This self-inflating mindset serves as a numbing effect to one's empathy and concern toward others.
Building a bond is surely the first steps establishing a foundation toward a trusting and fruitful relationship. And, thus a building block to trusting communication.

Thanx. Again. See you soon

imjudgingu said...

As parents we need to teach our kids to "man up". People can talk about you all they want as long as they don't lay their hands on you. Everyone isn't going to like you or want to be your friend so just deal with it.

Our kids need to learn to brush their shoulders off and do what they have to do instead of letting someone harass them into changing the way they walk home from school, hang out with their friends, or cause them to take their own lives.

Maybe I was the bully so I just don't understand how it got so bad. But I raised a child that knows that the only words that are valid come from the people that love you, care for you, and want you to be successful. Everyone one else can kiss it.

blahblahblahblahg said...


Great feedback! I particular like the the words that you wrote regarding the validity (or lack of)of the words of strangers!

Thanx for your words. See you again


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