Monday, November 1, 2010

Moms knows best....

In the 1930's Chitlin' Circuit world of comedians, Moms Mabley was a lot of things to a lot of people.  Her fans stand steadfast to the proclamation that she is the consummate entertainer.  A trail-blazer of her time who remained authentic and true the larger social and political issues of the black community.   The issues that she served up were raw and uncut in her own kind of  tongue-in-cheek flavor that left the most seasoned of her audience blushing in awe.  Her character of an old salacious, sex obsessed, tootheless lady, donned in a oversize bathrobe [with coordinating gown and shower cap] had the foulest mouth within earshot.  The orginal 'cougar' of comedy, Moms Mabley was able to spread her comedic flavor about issues of race relations, politics and the unwanted companionship of geriatric men.  To her fans, Moms Mabley was wayyyy ahead of her time. 

And for those nonbelievers....take a look at this album cover illustration  

This picture is an actual illustration of one of her many album covers [sorry youngbloods.  There were no CD's back then]  entitled "Moms Mabley at the White House Conference".  As an invited guest of President Kennedy, Mom's Mabley made an unprecedented appearance at the White House.  My guess is that she kept it tempered while at the White House, but served up a bawdy, uncensored performance, fit only for the edgy audience that collected her albums. 

         *side eye*

Let's take a closer look at this album cover illustration.  Pay particular attention to the gentle fellow that she is ushering in with her.
Does this clean cut, young mocha tinted fellow look familiar?
Mr Obama is that you?

I'd say that, judging by this album jacket, Moms believed in the vision.



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