Saturday, April 2, 2016

{B}adass Kids Wildin' Out!: #AtoZChallenge 2016

So here's the ish in a nutshell....
 * The incident occurred on the Septa El - a Philadelphia commuter train
 * Four youths (ages 6-7 years old) caught on camera verbally & physically harassing        at least one passenger.

 How so? -you ask....
 How about:
    * punching, spitting, using colorful references for male genitalia, dropping the.   F-Bomb, serving up, both, the B-word AND the N-word

All while being *supervised?* by this women - the aunt of two of these rowdy imps - who did NOTHING. NADA.  to stop their attacks!  At one point,  a passenger addressed the Aunt inquiring as to when she was going to intervene!  Maybe she was using this disciplinary approach to the problem [see third intervention] *side eye*

All of the shenanigans were caught on tape and posted to the Facebook page of one of the victims.  Take a look.... you're not going to believe this buffoonery! 

One kid even tampered with the Emergency Equipment! WTF!

.... Auntie still did not a damned thing!
Here's a damned clue Auntie!....
Imma need you to  GET TURNED UP BEE-YOTCH!!!!

Don't believe your lying eyes or deceiving ears? 
Here it is again!  YEP!. again!

Now I know that in today's world there's a fine line very fine line  that defines discipline and abuse.  All I know is,  had I been stupid enough to try this shigg!tty when I was a seven year old,  hell!!!  Not only would I have taken an arse 'whopping' by the adults on the train - Yassssssss! - that would include the aunt.  Once I got home! Sh!t.... it's a effin' wrap!!!!!!

 So... What say you to all of this buffoonery?
*All video & pics pertaining to incident are courtesy of here*


Naila Moon said...

So many Kids seem so out of control these days. I would blame them some but when the supposed adults in their lives are doing nothing to control them or show them how to behave in public, what can be expected.

Is it the kids that need a good butt whipping or is it the adults?

Shaking my head.

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Brett Minor said...

I don't know the entire story, but that woman should not be in charge of children.

And whether she was in charge that day or not, those kids are not being raised right. Total mess.

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