Monday, August 20, 2012

One Hot Ass Mess!.... Again!

Last year Madisyn, "Maddy" {as she is known in the world of toddler pageants} Verst, a pint-sized beauty queen hailing from Campbell, Kentucky made the cover of People Magazine with the headline "[Have We] Gone Too Far?". 

The hit show Toddlers & Tiara's, shown on TLC, had for three years, successfully captured and shamelessly displayed the behind-the-scenes Conflama *{ confusion + conflict + drama = CONFLAMA} of child beauty pageants.  And, just as stated in that the article, "The tantrums were extreme, and the pre-show prep of spray tanning and eyebrow waxing seemed perhaps premature for little kids". 

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Over teased coiffs, excessive tanning, flippers {what!? You don't know what a fricking flipper is?} and over the top customs, shocked and appalled the viewers {who watch with baited breath to witness the finished pageantry of little girls who appear to be not 'cute', but hyper-sexualized miniatures of their parent(s')'s obvious inability to let go of their childhood dream{?}. 

Maddy's mother, Lindsay Jackson,  must really be dense as a stone!  As if last year's buffoonery was not a call for a personal- 'ummmm... maybe I should rethink this whole child as grown-ass Barbie Doll, Dollie Parton knock-off, Pretty Woman look-alike' moment -  this  "I don't have a damned life of my own, so I'll exploit the sh!t out of my unsuspecting six year-old" - Bee-yotch, goes one step too f*cking far!

Yes! Them there is tits and ass on that tot!  WTF!

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This past Saturday, after tossing all of the media people out of the court room {on their asses} and slapping a gag order on Jackson and a  moratorium on pageantry for Maddy and her mother until further notice, the presiding Judge Weoste scheduled the hearing to resume on August 31. 

The issue at hand?  .... yes.  you can bet it stems from those tits & ass!

Maddy's {alleged} dead-beat ass dad, Bill Verst,  is suing for parental custody on the grounds that his piss-poor-ass-choice of a mother for his daughter is sexually exploiting her!   

Jackson's concern:: that a ruling against her will set a precedent  {yet but another "WTF- moment" in my mind} -

Okay, Okay.  I just had another "WTF"-moment"!

Thoughts?! Come on.  You know you got 'em! 



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